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6 voie communale du Grand Chemin (Orsimont), 60650, Villers-sur-Auchy


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A farm + a cheese dairy

In a farm dating back to the 1850s, located in the Pays de Bray, a grove region favourable to grasslands and dairy farming, Annabelle, Jean-Marie, Magali and Clément have decided to join forces. Their common project is to develop the farmhouse and turn it into a brand new cheese dairy to house their activity and a stopover accomodation to promote the local heritage and make available to everyone.

Located 2km from Avenue Verte Paris-London, the farm will host the Tiny by bray from August 2, 2019.

the FAFO project

 A collective project to :

Enhance the heritage of the Pays de Bray by rehabilitating the historic farmhouse
Put the historic farmhouse at the service of the region's gastronomic knowledge and tourism development
Develop the short supply chain by using the milk from the village's organic farms to produce the cheese dairy
Share our know-how and experience
Promote our region and its activities

Tiny by Bray / A rural economic development project

The construction management association "Les Sens du Bray" and the "Maison d'Economie Solidaire" have been working since 2017 on the project to create an innovative, mobile and ecological hosting solution: the "Tiny By Bray".

"Tiny By Bray" is also a territorial brand that brings together actors from different backgrounds:
communities, companies, tourism stakeholders, producers, inhabitants, around the same goal:

enhancing and developing the Pays de Bray.

The Maison d’Economie Solidaire is a group of complementary integration structures, invested in a common economic development project in the Pays de Bray region. This innovative approach has been labelled as a Territorial Pole of Economic Cooperation since 2014.

Since its creation in 2004, the contractor has brought together 4 structures: Chantiers Nature, PBE, ACIB and Pays de Bray Services (PBS,) A newly created Integration Company that meets the strong needs in terms of local services, particularly for the elderly. In 2009 the Recyclerie du Pays de Bray opened its doors on the SCIC site.

Today, the Maison d'Economie Solidaire represents about 112 employees for a total turnover of more than 3 million euros.

A local brand                                                                                                   The Maison d'Economie
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